Smart keys

In newer cars, keys do much more than lock and unlock doors. A signal from an invalid key fob can trigger an alarm system or even disable the engine. So if someone enters the car without a valid ignition key, they won’t be able to drive away.

For those who don’t want to go through the hassle of pressing a button every time they want to unlock the doors, there is another option available. Several automakers, especially those producing luxury cars and hybrids, are switching to systems that use smart keys.

Smart keys are part of an electronic system that uses sensors and microchips to communicate with the vehicle, allowing it to automatically unlock the doors and start the vehicle without using the key.

Smart key functionalities.

  • They allow access to the vehicle and start the engine without even taking the key out of the pocket.
  • They can allow the vehicle to be started from the outside.
  • They can recognize personalized driving settings for each driver (position of mirrors, seats).
  • They can open and close doors, windows and trunk.

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