Key Programming

Can we program your car keys? Yes, we can!

Car key programming is the process in which the chip of the key, remote or smart key is set to connect and match the current configuration of your vehicle which it’s what make the part function specifically for your vehicle. Programming is needed every time there is a chip inside the key or a fob memory.

Why program the key or remote ?

Because otherwise it won’t work…unless you’re vehicle is from the 80s, 90s, there’s a very high chance that the set of keys or keyless remote for your vehicle will need programming in order to function.

In other words, a Chip key or remote without programming will not turn on the vehicle or for remotes open the doors, trunk and it won’t be able to function at all. If you ordered a replacement key from your car company or online, you’ll need a professional locksmith to program it to your vehicle.

The automotive locksmith and programming services offered by Car Keys Discount are extremely reliable because they count with the latest technology software that allows to program keys for a wide variety of vehicles. Car Keys Discount does not only ensure that each programming is perfectly matched to the make and model of your car, but that it meets all the preset specifications set by the manufacturer.

Car Keys Discount is the right locksmith for all your car key related needs, request our reliable express service and contact us today !

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